Battle Heroes: X Rated

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Battle Heroes: X Rated

Leider nur in englischer Sprache

Time for Heroes!
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Players with the highest win rate in Solo battles using a Tier X vehicle

XBOX: purelight18 with a win rate of 86%!
PS4: rpRiDell with a win rate of 84%!

1STHB with 1,086!
-NS- with 1,071!
FNX with 1,053!
GURZA with 1,047!
7F with 1,026!

UN with 1,115!
ALINA with 1,050!
-N- with 1,039!
MERCV with 1,028!
1R with 1,025!
Q&A Heroes

There are rumors that PS5 is coming out later this year. Will WoT be on it when it's released?

When PS5 comes you can be sure we’ll be there. We have no news on a date for the PS5 though.

When are we getting the VK 168.01 on console?

Later this year.

Are we ever going to see matchmaking change to +1/-1 instead of +2/-2?

On console that would break matchmaking with the number of users playing concurrently. We are making significant changes to the Matchmaker this summer.

When will you sell the King Tiger and Boilermaker again?

You’ll see the Boilermaker in a Mega bundle this month and on its own in June. No plans for the King Tiger currently, we’ll get that one on the schedule.

Will we see Type 98 Ke-Ni Otsu?

No date yet but I’m told its ready to go. We’ll get it scheduled.

Will you remove the Foch 155? if not do you plan to add Foch B package to Foch 155 or Add Foch B separately?

No plans to remove, adding a package sounds like a good idea.
Video Heroes

Shout-out to: MASHMAN 90, Spartan Elite43-, Menis M7, Tw0PaCpR0, Danagah, Greywoolfe64, VerJager, IND00R MAN, BoereJack, BrogueOne, xiverisx, and ItsTom___.
Tank Heroes
Battle Heroes
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